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  • Visual Studio 2010;
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 (you can use the express version with Full-Text Search enabled freely available at:

A Full-Text Search enabled SQL Server 2008 is required.


1. Restore the DotNetBurner database on SQL Server. The backup file is available at the “Database” shipped with the application;

2. If your database is not on “localhost” or is not named DotNetBurner, you will have to change the Web.config file to point to the correct database;

3. Create a recaptcha account or use your existing one ( Add your public and private key on the Web.config file, section CaptchaSettings.

4. Optionally create a PageGlimpse (for site thumbnails) account at Change the PageGlimpseSettings on Web.config to set your dev key;

5. Optionally set the site twitter account and enable it on the TwitterSettings section of the Web.config file;

6. Run the site;

7. Login using the username “admin” password “admin123”.

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